Hoisting Rules and Regulations

Massachusetts Law requires that anyone operating hoisting machinery have a Hoisting Operator’s License. The law, from www.mass.gov, reads is as follows:

Who must have a hoisting operator’s license?

A: M.G.L. c. 146 § 53 states that anyone who will operate derricks, cableways, machinery used for discharging Cargoes, and temporary elevator cars used on excavation work or used for hoisting building material, when the motive power to operate such machinery is mechanical and other than steam, including but not limited to excavators, backhoes, front end loaders, uniloaders, skid loader, skid steer loaders, compact loaders or similar devices, lattice cranes, derricks, cranes with or without wire rope; all Fork Lifts, powered industrial lift trucks, overhead hoists (underhung), overhead cranes, underhung cranes, monorail cranes, lifting devices, cableways, and powered platforms, must hold a license from the Department.

To ease the ability of customers wishing to obtain a Short Term Operator’s Permit, the American Rental Association and Carr Hardware have set up an online training course. Click the link below and put in one of the 2 corresponding location ID codes.

If you are renting from Pittsfield, the ID Code is 0125611.

If you are renting from North Adams, the ID code is 0126600.
Short Term Operator’s Permit Course