In the Berkshires, we have the unique opportunity to see some of the most beautiful Fall foliage colors in New England. However, once those leaves begin to fall, they can cover your lawn and clog gutters. It is important to clean out your gutters as necessary to ensure smooth functionality. Here are some easy tips to ensure that your gutters are clear of debris.

The first step to cleaning out your gutters is to inspect where the issue might be.

SAFETY ALERT – When you do this, it is important to get a ladder that will reach your roof so that you are not over extending yourself and creating a hazard. If you need to go higher on the ladder, have a second person hold the ladder for support.

Once on the ladder, scoop away visible and heavy debris. Using a scoop and a pair of work gloves will help ensure safety from any objects that may be in the leaves.

After the leaves and debris are gone, inspect the flow of the gutters by flushing the gutter out with a hose with a nozzle or sprayer. Also, spray the hose down the down spout at full force to push debris out. If you notice that little water is coming out of the bottom of the down spout, you have a clog.

If you do have a clog, remove the nozzle/sprayer and work the hose up the bottom of the down spout. This will help clear the clot and allow for water to flow smoothly.

Lastly, ensure that the gutters and down spout are secure. Replace any screws that may be corroded or loose. If you see any loose gutter sections, re-secure or replace them as needed.

Now your all done. You should have smooth flowing gutters ready for rain and snow.

For more tips and questions, stop in and ask an expert at your local Carr Hardware.

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